Now I’m an inventor!

Affirmation balloons

Last night I invented affirmation/happiness balloons (its a working title πŸ˜‰), while I am sure I’m not the only person to come up with this idea. I’ve never seen them before and thought they were a lovely way to spread some kindness

My middle daughter turns 16 today and I wanted to do something a little bit different but a little bit special 🎈

Enter…. affirmation/happiness balloons. I inflated 16 balloons and wrote single words I felt related to her, or small sentences hoping to inspire confidence and adventure.


There isn’t enough kindness in this world and key to my sobriety has been, being kind to myself. Once you allow kindness in it multiplies and we get to share it out. But often when we’re locked in a cycle of endless hangovers and wine o’clock it’s easy to forget how to be kind to ourselves. Or worse we feel alcohol is a kindness or a treat πŸ™„ but take it from someone who knows, anything that alters your mind and makes you feel rough, ain’t good for you.

I don’t get hangovers me!

Fibber! I said this exact sentence, many, many times over. What I didn’t realise was I was just constantly hungover, only when I removed alcohol from my life, did I discover it was possible to feel happy in the mornings, that going to bed early is a pleasure. I have more energy than ever and I actually have brain space to do and share nice things (see above invention).


The biggest kindness I gave myself was sobriety, as an extra bonus my mental health improved a thousand fold. Gone is the constant anxiety, worrying, second guessing, the sick churning feeling has gone! It hasn’t gone away totally, we’re supposed to have a little anxiety. I am anxious about sharing my story with you guys and I’m currently very anxious about a trip I’m going on next week, but I know it’s a mix of nerves, excitement and I will not let the fear stop me from going or sharing my story

Be kind to yourself

I hope my daughter liked her little words of kindness this morning (she’s 16 it’s difficult to tell 🀣) I’m taking some time out of my day to be kind to myself and going out for lunch, before the family gets together for a visit to Pizza Express tonight. With the added bonus of the epic alcohol free selection they do there.

Kindness is catching

Remember be kind to yourself today, you deserve it even if you just treat yourself to a balloon and write something lovely on the ribbon

Till next time (in NYC 😍)

Vicki xx


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